Committees & Commissions

  1. Administration & Finance Committee

    The Administration and Finance Committee is a recommending body which advises the Village Board on matters relating to the administrative function of the Village including Village finances.

  2. Community & Economic Development

    The Community and Economic Development Committee (CED) acts as a recommending body which advises the Village Board and Staff on planning for the economic health of the community consistent with the goals established in the comprehensive plan.

  3. Emergency Management Agency

    To apply for membership call (708) 301-0632 for an application.

  4. Environment Committee

    The Environment Committee Supports the preservation of Homer Glen's natural resources through the Conservation Design ordinance, the protection of trees, encouraging native landscaping as cost saving and energy saving concepts, and sustainability measures for future generations.

  5. Homer Harvest Days Committee

    Homer Harvest Days Committee consists of staff and trustees from the Village of Homer Glen and Homer Township.

  6. Parade & Festival Committee

    The Parade and Festival Committee is comprised of Trustees and Staff of Homer Township and the Village of Homer Glen. The Festival is referred to as the Community Fest

  7. Parks & Recreation Committee

    The following are Village Parks as of October 2014: Stonebridge Park, Kingston Hills, Heroes Trail System and Erin Hills.

  8. Plan Commission

    Find out when the Plan Commission meets, browse through our meeting agendas and minutes and view a list of our current members.

  9. Public Services & Safety Committee

    The Public Services and Safety Committee has continued to address transportation issues within the Village including "Requests to Resolve" that pertain to traffic control.

Become a Member
You can help your community by serving as a member of the Village's standing committees, commissions, agencies and task forces. If you are interested in volunteering, complete and submit the Volunteer Form (PDF) to the Village of Homer Glen.