Comprehensive Plan Report & Land Use Maps

The Village of Homer Glen adopted a Comprehensive Plan in March 2005. Please note that the Plan was amended on June 12, 2007. The Village of Homer Glen adopted a new Strategic Plan in August 2018, which recommends a strategic update of the Comprehensive Plan. One of the strategic initiatives identified is to evaluate the current Land Use Map as part of this update. In June 2018, staff presented the following evaluation of the land use map to the Community and Economic Development Committee defining the major commercial corridors, mixed use and stand-alone opportunity sites and multi-family residential sites.

Map - Opportunity Sites Map including Commercial Corridors and Intersections (PDF)

Online Access

You can download the entire Comprehensive Plan Report and various individual maps from the links below. The amendment is included in the downloads. The maps, which are the original adopted versions, are very large and may take some time to download.

Bound Copy

A bound copy of the Comprehensive Plan Report, which includes 11 inch by 17 inch color maps, is available for viewing at Village Hall and also at the Library. The report can be purchased for $15 each (cash or check only).