Road Construction Update

Major Road Improvement Projects

Will County Roads

Projects controlled by Will County:
  • Proposed 143rd Street Improvements - Lemont Road (State Street) to Bell Road - a continuous four lane roadway section with a mountable median, curb and gutter, and storm sewers to be constructed to match the adjacent sections of 143rd Street at Lemont Road (westernmost limits, completed in 2014) ad at Bell Road (easternmost limits, construction begins 2018).
  • Bell Road Project - A new 4 lane road with double left hand turn lanes at 143rd Street. There are still several parcels of land that need to be acquired before construction can begin. This project is broken down into 4 phases:
    • 159th Street to 151st Street - If the parcels needed are acquired by midsummer this project may begin in late 2015. If the process is delayed the project will begin in 2016.
    • 151st Street to 143rd Street - Should begin in 2016.
    • 143rd Street and Bell Road Intersection - Project should begin in 2016 or 2017 depending on land acquisition.
    • 143rd Street to 135th Street - Project will begin once the 143rd and Bell Road intersection is complete. The intersections improvements will extend west from Bell Road to near Golden Oak Drive.

Local Homer Glen Roads

Projects controlled by the Village of Homer Glen and/or the Highway Department:

135th Street

The project will improve 135th from a two lane road to a five lane road from New Avenue to Archer Avenue. It is being done in two phases:

  1. New Avenue to the Smith Road Intersection Improvements.
  2. Smith Road Intersection improvement to the new bridge (completed in 2015) at Archer Avenue over Long Run Creek.

The infrastructure of Phase one, all curbs, the binder (or base course) of asphalt, drainage, most landscaping is complete and should be “OPEN” the first week of December with temporary lane markings for the winter season. The final (or finish) layer of asphalt and the permanent lane markings will be applied in the spring of 2018.  But it should be noted the construction barrels will be removed, the detours will end and all lanes will be opened to through traffic the first week of December.

Archer Avenue, the Archer Ave Bridge and the 135th Street Intersection

The project added a new 4 lane bridge over Long Run Creek, Traffic Signals and Turn Lanes at the Intersection.

The infrastructure and bridge are complete except for some minor curb and shoulder work.  New permanent lane markings are scheduled to be installed and once complete, the construction barrels will be removed and all lanes will be open to traffic. This work should be complete by the first week of December.  The new traffic signals are being installed but completion will depend on weather.  While there is a chance that they may become operational this year, it is more than likely that they won’t be functioning until early 2018.

Parker Road and Route 6 (Southwest Highway)

The project will add turn lanes and traffic signals to the intersection.

The infrastructure requires a small amount of asphalt paving and drainage work to be complete. The goal is to remove all construction barrels and open all lanes the 1st week of December.  Traffic signals are being installed but completion will depend on weather.  While there is a chance that they may become operational this year, it is more than likely that they won’t be functioning until early 2018.  Final grading and landscaping will be complete in early 2018.

151st Street

There is a phase 1 engineering study to determine the feasibility and cost of widening 151st Street from 2 lanes to 3 lanes with appropriate left hand turn lanes where necessary from Cedar Road to Eagle Ridge Drive.

Gougar Road
Gougar Road, between 163rd Street and 159th Street will be improved this summer. The contractor developing the property at 163rd Street and Gougar Road is financing this project, no tax dollars will be used. The Homer Township Road District is overseeing the engineering for this improvement. For more information please call the Highway Department at 708-301-0246.

City of Lockport Roads

Project controlled by the City of Lockport:
  • Heritage Crossing Project - Gougar Road was widened from 151st Street to 147th Street and extended from 147th Street to 143rd Street. Lockport Officials will review opening Gougar Road from 151st Street to 147th Street and 147th Street from Gougar Road to Lemont Road during the late 2015 summer season. For more information please contact the City of Lockport at 815-838-0549.

State of Illinois Roads

Projects controlled by the Illinois Department of Transportation:
  • 159th Street - Major widening from 2 lanes to 4 lanes with a 28-foot median, double turn lanes, new traffic signals, street lighting at major intersections, overhead and underground utility relocation and drainage projects have begun. For more information please click here.
  • Archer Avenue - The bridge over Long Run Creek will be rebuilt to 4 lanes, sometime in the near future, with new detention added to the south of Archer Avenue across from the nearby mall.
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