Fire Pit Safety

Many people enjoy outdoor fire pits. Fire pits are often used to describe outside patio style burning confined to brick or stone enclosures, portable metal containers designed for outdoor use or chimineas.

Safety Guidelines

With the growing popularity of fire pits the following are some safety guidelines for you to keep in mind while enjoying your outdoor fire pit.

  • Fire pits or fires in approved containers should be kept at least 15 feet away from structures.
  • Do not locate your fire pit under trees or other overhead structures that could potentially ignite because of a spark or ember.
  • Always keep a garden hose, fire extinguisher, or bucket of sand nearby for extinguishing a small fire that may arise from spark or ember.
  • Use kindling to start your fire; never use an accelerant.
  • Only use materials approved by the manufacturer of your fire pit for burning. The burning of garbage or building materials is not allowed.
  • Don't overload your fire pit; doing so can cause the fire to become too large and the potential for control of an overloaded pit troublesome.
  • It is recommended that you have a screen for your fire pit to contain sparks and embers.
  • Keep children and pets away from the fire pit.
  • Don't leave your fire pit unattended; always extinguish your fire before leaving or going indoors.
  • Ashes should be stored in a metal can with a lid, away from combustibles, disposed of after full cooling time.
  • Always use your fire pit according to manufacturer's recommendations.