Permit Required for Leaf Burning

Leaf Burning Ordinance
The Village of Homer Glen Board of Trustees recently passed Ordinance 13-055 (PDF), requiring residents to obtain a Leaf Burning Permit before any open burning of leaves on residential property.

Leaf Burning Permit Applications (PDF) may be found online or at the Village Hall. The permit must be obtained after filing an application with the Village and picked up at Village Hall.

The Open Leaf Burning Permit Application (PDF) will include the Open Leaf Burning Regulations and upon issuance, the resident will be given a copy of the regulations on the permit card they are issued.

Permit Card
The permit card will also contain the:
  • Name of the permit holder
  • Address
  • Permit expiration date
  • Language requiring it to be posted in a location visible from the street
Permit Holder Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the permit holder to comply with the open leaf burning regulations. Issuance of the permit does not relieve the permit holder from complying with the regulations of the Open Leaf Burning Ordinance (PDF).

Permit Expiration
Permit is good for 6 months from issuance.

Burning on Village Roadways or Property
For information regarding burning anywhere other than personal property, please refer to Ordinance 01-078 - Prohibiting Burning on Village Roadways and Other Village Property (PDF).