Big Tree Champions Contest

In honor of Arbor Day, the Homer Glen Environment Committee is searching for the biggest trees in the Village of Homer Glen. Nominations for every species of living tree that exists are encouraged to be submitted. Verification of measurement will be made by the Environment Committee. The largest tree of each species will receive recognition. Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to search in forests, parks, and private property with permission of the property owner in the Village of Homer Glen.

To compare trees, the circumference of each tree is to be measured at 54 inches from the ground level. This year’s nominations must surpass tree champions recognized through 2022. Measurements of the current list of big tree champions is as follows:

Ash - 91"Norway Spruce – 100”
Bald Cypress - 60"Pin Oak – 113.5”
Black Walnut - 146.5"Red Oak - 128"
Blue Spruce – 100”River Birch - 46"
Burr Oak - 173"Shagbark Hickory - 65.5"
Catalpa – 119”Shingle Oak – 26.75”
Common Buckeye - 50"Silver Maple - 132"
Eastern Cottonwood - 99.5"Sugar Maple - 122"
Hard Maple - 99"Sycamore – 112”
Hedge Apple – 133 ¾”Tulip Tree - 94.5"
Japanese Maple - 35"Weeping Willow – 160”
Locust – 129”White Mulberry – 73.5”
Musclewood - 11"White Oak – 141”
Norway Maple – 69”Wild Black Cherry - 102"

Submit a Big Tree Champion Application form to the Melissa King or mail to Big Tree Champion Contest, Village of Homer Glen, 14240 W. 151st Street, Homer Glen, IL  60491. Nominations are due on May 15, 2023.