Long Run Creek

Long Run Creek Update: June 2021

On June 25th & 28th, the following people/agencies were contacted to request an update on the Long Run Creek issues. Their responses are listed below:

  • William Boyd (IDNR)
    No Response
  • Marilyn Sucoe (FEMA)
    No Response
  • Thomas Gill (Cook County Building & Zoning)
    I’ll be writing the floodplain violations by the end of this week. I am working with Marilyn Succoe from FEMA to get some info on the floodplain layout. I’ll update you when they are filed. 
  • Michael Shackel (Lemont Township)
    Nothing new since last time. Cook Cook nut has issued several violations on 3 properties.  IDNR is working with Cook County to issue floodplain violations. MWRD has issued violations.   They are in process, and waiting for that to work itself out. As you know, that is not likely to be quickly resolved. 
  • Colin Smalley (USACOE)
    No Response
  • Samuel Banks (Cook County)
    The update to that email is as follows:

    Parcel 1) 22-32-403-027
    Tash Real estate(Andrew Tokarz)
    This parcel will be getting 2 violations:
    Maintenance- multiple piles of misc debris/garbage
    Unregistered Vehicles-at least 2 vehicles that are not running & need to be disposed of.

Parcel 6) 22-33-301-010
13001 Hickory Rd
Parcel 6 will be getting 3-4 violations based on pics below. They have brought in a lot of fill, set up a storage facility & have someone living in a trailer on the parcel.

*Additional violations have been written on parcel 6 under V26113:

  • 4.4-9D(Commercial vehicles/Trucks)          Open parcel         2 semi truck trailers are on property & being used for storage.
  • 39.2-1(fill/debris)                                           Open parcel         Fill has been brought in without permit
  • 102-105.3-1.A.1(Permit Required)                Open parcel         Shed roof has been constructed without a permit
  • 8.72(Trailers/Mobile homes on site)            Open parcel         1 mobile home/trailer has been parked on site & has someone living in trailer


  • Maureen Durkin (MWRD)
    The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago issued a violation report on April 21, 2021 to owners of three properties were apparent violations of the MWRD’s Watershed Management Ordinance had taken place.  Two of the property owners have made progress in removing items from the floodplain.  One has not yet responded to our violation report and we will follow up with this property owner next week.
  • The Village has issued two violations to a property, for the construction of a driveway without a permit and for construction of said driveway within the floodplain.  The property owner(s) did not show up to our adjudication for the first violation ($250.00).  They were found liable.  They were issued a second violation ($1,000).  This will come up at the next adjudication hearing this month.
  • The Village has issued a violation for the property located in Cook County, but constructed a berm, partly in Homer Glen, which is located in a floodplain.  The violation was sent to the address we were provided, but has bounced back.  We will research the property owner information and resubmit the violation.


Long Run Creek Update: May 2021

Here is a brief summary below of current activity.

  1. An inspection was performed by Village staff, of the area along the northern boundary of the Village.  Staff has been previously working with a few of the area residents to identify the location of potential fill.  During the inspection, a berm was identified, which appears to be located within the floodplain, and therefore is a violation.  The property owner is in the process of being issued a violation notice and the Village will pursue the removal of the material from the floodplain.
  1. The Village has recently issued a violation to a property owner in the area, for material being placed within the floodplain.  As with the above property, the Village will pursue the removal of the material from the floodplain at this location.
  1. The Village has been working with a third property owner along Long Run Creek that has placed fill within the floodway and floodplain.  A violation notice was issued.  The fill material placed within the floodway has since been removed and the Village is continuing to work with the property owner to address the issue of the fill material in the floodplain.    
  1. Along with the above actions, the Village has contacted Lemont Township, MWRD, IDNR, the USACOE and Cook County Building & Zoning.
  • The MWRD noted that they have inspected the culverts in the area as well as Long Run Creek, and that they did not find any blockages or differentials, and that the creek appears to be flowing ok.
  • The IDNR noted that they, along with Cook County inspectors and sheriff staff met with the property owners with the sheep.  They were informed that they need to apply for a state floodway permit and may be required to remove some buildings.  They will need to provide a site plan with the floodway identified, along with the location of all buildings and fences.  They were also informed that the debris piles and piles of stone need to be removed.  The USACOE has issued a violation notice to the property to the east of the sheep property, where there is grading taking place on the property.
  • The USACOE has inspected two of the parcels, and are in touch with the landowners.  They are keeping the Lemont Township supervisor copied on any official correspondence related to these parcels.
  • Lemont Township noted that Cook County has issued violations on 3 properties, MWRD has issued violations on 2 properties and they are trying to obtain status from IDNR.  They are also trying to get an update from Army Corp of Engineers.  They noted that the IDNR was going to work directly with property owners about structures in the floodplain.  He also noted that the Cook County Sheriff Dept has indicated that they have a right to shoot on property.  He further noted that it doesn’t sound like any action can be taken against property owners for the fire because they can’t determine where fire started. 
  1. The Village has also performed a creek clean-up within the area of Jessica Lane and Creekview Drive, via Homer Tree Care, which took place over the last two weeks.  Several blockages were removed from the creek, several piles of debris were removed and several unsafe trees were removed.