What is the village doing about the high cost of water?

The village has questioned and taken legal action to stop IAW rate increases since its incorporation in 2001. The village has worked with State Representatives Renee Kosel in seeking legislation adopted that holds public water utilities more accountable for their service, practices and billing methods, and has been successful in petitioning the ICC to cap unaccounted for water, require annual fire hydrant inspections, stop illegal back billing practices. In addition to being advocates for fair and reasonable rates, the village continues to investigate the possibility of acquiring the utility. 

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1. Who sets the water and sewer rates?
2. What is unaccounted for water and what role does it play in our rates?
3. What are all the charges on the water bill?
4. Does the Village of Homer Glen receive any monies from Illinois American from the water and sewer bills?
5. How many customers does Illinois American serve in Homer Glen?
6. What is the village doing about the high cost of water?
7. What actions can I take to register my complaint about water rates or service with the Illinois Commerce Commission?
8. I've complained to the Village, IAW, and ICC. What good is this doing?