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  1. 2021 Pre-Carnival Party Registration

    This is for Homer Glen residents or students who attend school with Homer Glen residents with Special Needs & their families. Friday,... More…

HomerFest Volunteer Form

  1. HomerFest Volunteer Application

    Volunteer Application for HomerFest

Parks and Recreation

  1. Summer Pickleball Lessons

    The Village of Homer Glen is offering adult pickleball lessons taught by the South Suburban Tennis and Pickleball Academy. Minimum 4... More…

  2. Summer Tennis Lessons

    The Village of Homer Glen is offering tennis lessons this summer. This is a 5-class program; Minimum 6 students/Maximum 12. ... More…

  1. Summer Pickleball One Day Clinic

    The Village of Homer Glen is offering a one-day pickleball clinic for those interested in learning more about the game of pickleball.... More…

Trunk Or Treat - Car Registration

  1. Trunk Or Treat - Car Registration

    Register your car to participate in the Trunk or Treat Event

Village Hall Forms

  1. Rumor Mill Submissions

    Submit questions you have about the Village, or share a rumor that you have heard about our operations. Staff will answer and post it... More…

Volunteer Application

  1. Volunteer Application

    Volunteer Application