Trantina Dog Park

Park Details

  • Where: South side of 151st Street between Cedar and Gougar Roads.
  • Cost: At the present time there are no fees for the use of this facility. This is a public park and all are welcomed.
  • Open: The park is open from dawn to dusk.

Note: Use at your own risk.

Homer Township's Open Space Program

The park is a component of the Trantina Farm, which is the 1st parcel to be developed as part of Homer Township's Open Space Program. Funding was made possible in part with an OSLAD Grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The Board and Trantina Farm Committee have established the posted rules and provided waste receptacles for park users.

Note: Please clean up after your pet and put waste in the proper receptacles.

Trantina Farm

The southern portion of the Trantina Farm site is about 20 acres with the Dog Park comprising about 2 acres. The canine park is fenced and divided in 2 sections: 1 for smaller dogs less than 15 inches at the shoulder or 30 pounds or less and the other for larger dogs. Parking, benches, a pavilion and a mowed, looped trail surrounding the Dog Park are available for horses, dogs and humans. The view from the trail offers wonderful vistas of the rolling terrain and wildlife. While the southern part of Trantina Farm site caters to our domestic friends, the northern approximate 30 acre portion is better suited for humans offering:

  • Fire pit
  • Gardens
  • Historical buildings
  • Interpretive center
  • Limestone trail
  • Native prairie restoration
  • Picnic area
  • Playground
  • Restroom
  • viewing
  • Wildlife

Homer Township Administration

For more information, please contact the Homer Township Administration office at 708-301-0522 or visit the at website.