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Listed below is information on current, open bids or requests for proposals. Vendors who wish to respond to the Village’s requests for bids or proposals should examine the bid notice. If no documents are posted, contact the Village Hall at 708-301-0632 for more information on that particular bid.

We recommend that any vendor who chooses to download bid documents here check back to the site regularly. If any further notice or bid addendum is released, they will be posted on this web page. Addendum (if issued) must be recognized in the bid response in order for the Village to accept a vendor’s bid.


Request for DESIGN BUILD PROPOSAL:  Village of Homer Glen Western Gateway Monument Sign

The Village of Homer Glen requests Design Build Proposals for the Village’s western gateway sign.  The gateway sign design, materials, specifications and renderings for the large format (9’ x 14’) sign are attached.  The location for sign installation is at the northeast corner 159th Street and Gougar Road within the sign easement on the Gas N Wash property (see attached plat).  


The deadline for submittal is by 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 via email response to  



  • Examples of similar signs fabricated and installed by your company elsewhere.
  • Any recommendations to improve the presentation of the Village gateway sign.



As part of this project, we are requesting the design of a Lighting Plan that will accomplish the following goals:

  • A wash that lights the entirety of the leaf
  • Backlit halo-lighting on the Homer Glen logo typeface
  • Spot lights on the face of the masonry base directed toward the year (2001)
  • A wash on the back side of the leaf to give it a "halo" effect from the street side (This is desired but optional given the 1,100 lumen maximum light output limitation noted below.)
  • Consistency with the Village Lighting Ordinance (linked here). Meeting the following Code parameters is a requirement for this project:
  • Sign lighting, maximum inclination is 45° degrees. 
  • Maximum 3,000K Correlated Color Temperature. 
  • Maximum light output for non-internally illuminated signage is 1,100 lumens. (this is not per fixture, but a total of all signage lighting, per sign)
  • Gross emission of light not to exceed 100,000 lumens per net acre for non-internally illuminated signage that exceeds 800 lumens. 
  • Light direction and control. Any luminaire which is used for uplighting on any zoning lot in a residential district, commercial district, public district or industrial district lighting zone shall have the necessary shielding and/or beam-angle control and/or shall be aimed to substantially confine the directed light to the object intending to be illuminated. Uplighting shall only be permitted for landscape lighting, architectural lighting, flag lighting, and lighting of ground-mounted signs that are not internally illuminated. 
  • The light level at any property used for governmental, recreational and public purposes in all zoning districts shall not exceed 0.1 footcandle at all property lines.
  • Except for street lighting, outdoor lighting (including, but not limited to, parking lot, area, architectural lighting, landscape, etc.) on any zoning lot in a commercial district, public district or industrial district lighting zone is permitted to be lighted between one-half hour before sunset and 10:00 p.m. or one hour after the close of business based on normal hours of operation of the business, whichever is later. Thereafter, for safety and security purposes, security lighting is permissible at a total light output not greater than 25% of the total light output from all outdoor lighting located on the zoning lot during permitted outdoor lighting hours. During security lighting hours, no luminaire shall exceed its light output exhibited during permitted outdoor lighting hours.
  • Comply with prohibited outdoor lighting.


PLEASE NOTE:  All lighting effects shown in renderings are for reference only. The Village of Homer Glen recommends the Contractor team include a member (in-house or sub-consultant) that has expert lighting knowledge.  All lighting shall conform to the Village Outdoor Lighting Ordinance.


The Village is currently working on the landscape plan. Landscaping is not part of this submittal.


REVIEW CRITERIA FOR SELECTION – Please respond to each of the following review criteria

  • Price
  • Ability to coordinate site improvements with Gas N Wash (under development)
  • Ability of lighting plan to address project goals and meet Village Lighting Ordinance 
  • Timing of installation 
  • Experience installing similar monument signage



  • All Construction Drawings / Shop Drawings shall be signed and sealed by a Structural Engineer licensed in the State of Illinois. 
  • Warranty:  Successful proposer shall provide a five (5) year full replacement warranty to the Village to warrant all work against failure because of faulty materials or workmanship from the date of acceptance by the Village.  Warranty shall include, but not be limited to: 
  1. Fading, bubbling, cracking, warping, peeling, delaminating, chalking, rusting (excluding corten steel-rusted) or other disintegration of the sign panel, bases, graphics or of the edges. 
  2. Corrosion of sign panels or cabinets, brackets and mounting hardware, fasteners, posts or other support pieces. 
  3. Sign foundation or support failure causing signage to become crooked or not plumb and true as originally accepted. 

Successful proposer to provide written warranty covering the above dated with the approved acceptance date.

  • The successful proposer shall be subject to the Village’s standard insurance and indemnification requirements.
  • Samples of materials will be required for Village approval prior to fabrication.


  • This design build request for proposals is for the large format 9’x14’ sign only.  
  • Power will be supplied to the site.
  • The selected contractor will need to provide shop and lighting designs.
  • There is no typeface on the back side of the sign although a wash of light to create a halo effect for the sign when viewed from the front is desired. Please note that the Village lighting ordinance limits maximum light output to 1100 lumens and the desired backside wash of light will use up some of those lumens.  This is one reason why the request includes expertise to design the lighting plan. Professional feedback regarding the desired halo effect from a wash on the back side of the leaf can be included with your submittal. 


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