Distribution Letter

Distribution of the Executive Summary & Appropriate Materials

December 1, 2005

"The Green Vision of the Homer Glen Community" is a publication developed during the process of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) Green Communities Demonstration Project grant for which the Village of Homer Glen was awarded $110,000. The process took two years to complete during which time there was input from the community and assistance from Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission as facilitator.

As the "Green Vision of the Homer Glen Community" provides direction for the Village, it is not intended to be placed on a shelf to collect dust and be forgotten. The intention as described by IEPA is for the information to be used by committees, task forces, trustees and staff as a guide for the future direction of the Village when planning projects, initiating programs, reviewing developers' proposals, and finalizing plans. The program helps the Village identify environmental challenges and plan for a sustainable future. The Comprehensive Land Use Plan states that the "Green Vision and the accompanying goals and objectives should be considered as they relate to future growth and development as well as the maintenance and enhancement of the existing image and character of the community."

Topics were carefully selected, reviewed and discussed at workshops attended by the residents and stakeholders. The results are the composite of their ideas, their vision, and their concerns for the future as Homer Glen continues to develop.

Goals and objectives are included in the "Executive Summary" for the topics of Community Image and Character, Natural Resources, Habitat and Wildlife, Open Space, Parks and Recreation, Transportation, and Water Resources. Bench marks for measurements within one year, within five years, and within ten to twenty years as stated enable the Village to measure implementation and progress. Next Steps also listed in the Executive Summary elaborate on the direction necessary to the implementation process.

In 2005, the Village Board formally adopted the Green Vision Statement and Goals for the Village of Homer Glen. As implementation is the measurement that determines the success of the "Green Vision of the Homer Glen Community", we encourage those working as volunteers and staff to refer to the "Green Vision" as their guide when planning in 2006 and future years.

All committees and task force members will receive a copy of the "Executive Summary" in color. Copies in black and white will include the addition of recommended actions for each goal as a guide in their planning process. A large spiral bound booklet called the "Green Vision of the Homer Glen Community" includes the two year grant process from beginning to end and is available for viewing at the Village office. Each Chairman will receive a CD. The Village office has copies available for viewing. Distribution of materials will also include those individuals and organizations that are acknowledged in the "Green Vision" publication.

"The quality of our lives is dependent on the quality of our environment which is dependent upon the quality of land use"

On Behalf of the Green Vision Committee,
Margaret Sabo, Trustee