Habitat & Wildlife


Preservation, protection and enhancement of the existing and potential natural resources and wildlife habitat that are enjoyed by village residents.

Of the workshop attendees on April 26, 2003, 97.3% agreed or strongly agreed with this goal statement.


Listed in order of urgency for implementation:

  • Prepare an area-wide inventory that identifies natural resources and habitats that are unique to Homer Glen.
  • Prepare a plan based on the area-wide inventory to preserve and manage existing and potential natural resources and habitats that emphasizes larger, connected areas rather than small, isolated pockets.
  • Educate residents about the role that natural resources and wildlife play in maintaining a high quality of life in the village and residents roles in protection and restoration efforts.
  • Adopt design guidelines and ordinances for new development that support the preservation and protection of natural resources and environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Develop incentive measures for landowners and developers to preserve and create natural areas, including the use of conservation easements.
  • Encourage natural landscaping on both public and private properties throughout the village.
  • Encourage access by community residents, especially children, to public wildlife habitats and natural areas.