A coordinated, sustainable system of roadways, pedestrian facilities, recreational pathways and public transportation services that provides for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians and enhances the countryside character and environmental amenities of the Village.

Of the workshop attendees on April 26, 2003,89.7% agreed or strongly agreed with this goal statement.


Listed in order of urgency for implementation:

  • Promote the Homer Glen vision by requiring naturally landscaped, wide roadways and corridors - for example, requiring 80-foot minimum right-of-way in new residential developments - and consider these features integral to the transportation plan.
  • Develop a comprehensive network of multi-use trails and greenways to link residential subdivisions with schools, parks, shopping areas, public facilities, open spaces, forest preserves and other multi-use trails in the area.
  • Develop an integrated transportation and land-use plan for the Village that identifies an efficient pattern of land-use and transportation-system design that minimizes congestion and through-traffic on roads under Village jurisdiction.
  • Incorporate an assessment of the impact of regional transportation plans (for example, I-355, Caton Farms Road/Bruce Road/Strategic Regional Arterial plan) into the integrated transportation and land-use plan.
  • Improve transportation safety on existing roadways by evaluating the need for guard rails, street lighting, roadway profiles and other approaches.
  • Work with state and county transportation agencies to achieve these objectives along state and county routes into, out of and through the Village.