Public Relations

Excerpt from Green Vision Final Report, June 2004 Section 6, Documentation

The immediate benefit of the Green Communities Demonstration Program is the fact that our entire community is talking about the opportunity for the green vision as a valuable tool for sustainability to guide the future development in the Village of Homer Glen.

We have also seen a shift in the thinking of developers and local officials in supporting more environmentally sensitive plans for positive results in the decision making and implementation process.

- Press release to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Public Relations Program

The Steering Committee developed a Public Relations (PR) Program designed to educate the community about the Green Vision process and to promote participation by stakeholders. The PR program included a Media Relations Plan and a Community Awareness Plan.

Media Relations Plan

The media campaign was successful with numerous articles appearing in local papers. The newspaper coverage helped educate the community about the visioning process. Both the quantity and quality of newspaper articles can be attributed to a good working relationship between the Village and local reporters. Additionally, the preparation of a Media Kit, distributed to local reporters prior to the kickoff, was well received. It provided accurate background information reporters could use in their articles.

Community Awareness Plan

The Community Awareness Plan included direct distribution of information by the Village. The mailing of invitations to visioning events was the most effective method of gaining stakeholder participation (as reported by participants). Efforts to include articles in various community publications provided stakeholders with information about importance of the Visioning Process. These articles helped prime potential stakeholders making them more receptive to accepting invitations to participate. Articles appeared in a Chicago Wilderness Publication, and in the following newsletters of:

  • Homer Township Chamber of Commerce
  • Homer Township Library
  • Homer Township
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • The Conservation Foundation
  • Village of Homer Glen
  • Will/South Cook Soil and Water Conservation District

Newsletter & Website

Information about the visioning process was also included in the Village newsletter and website. These information outlets kept community members who were unable to participate informed about the proceedings and outcomes.