Making the Difference Award

August 26, 2015

Mayor George Yukich recognized Tami O'Brien, Brian Kirk and John Roberts as the newest recipients of the Village's "Making the Difference Award." Brian, John and Tami all volunteer their time to educate people about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Tami O'Brien serves as a Board Member at the non-profit organization AAIM which stands for the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists. Tami has spent over a decade raising public awareness about the dangers of driving drunk or drugged.

Brian Kirk and John Roberts are co-founders of the non-profit organization HERO which stands for the Heroin Epidemic Relief Organization. HERO's mission is to stop the growing heroin epidemic that has rapidly spread across the nation. Brian and John have spent countless hours educating the public about the dangers of heroin and helped many families and friends find treatment options or cope with the loss of a loved one.

Making the Difference Award Recipients, From Left to Right, Brian Kirk, Tami O'Brien and John Roberts

Brian Kirk, Tami O'Brien and John Roberts 08.26.15

October 8, 2014

Mayor Jim Daley recognized Schilling School as the newest recipient of the Village's “Making the Difference Award.” The Mayor recognized the contributions of Schilling School, which, through a combined effort of its teachers, staff and students, was able to raise $6,378 for Make-A-Wish Illinois, a nonprofit which benefits children with life threatening illnesses. The Village’s fourth “Making the Difference” award was presented to Principal Ann Christie for the school's outstanding community service.

Making the Difference Award Recipient - Schilling School

Making the Difference - Schilling School

June 11, 2013

Mayor Jim Daley created a new recognition program in the Village of Homer Glen called the “Making the Difference Award.” In June, the Mayor recognized the achievements of a long time public servant and resident of the Homer Glen community, Mr. Andrew “Bud” Fazio. Mr. Fazio has served as a Plan Commissioner since 2009. In this capacity, Mr. Fazio assisted in guiding the direction the Village has taken regarding its land use. The Mayor acknowledged Mr. Fazio’s hard work and dedication to the Village of Homer Glen at the June 11th Board meeting when he presented Mr. Fazio with the Making the Difference Award.

Making the Difference Award Recipient - Andrew "Bud" Fazio

2013 Making The Difference Award-Bud Fazio