Ruse Burglaries

The Will County Sheriff's Office would like to remind citizens, particularly senior citizens, not to be distracted by unknown visitors and to keep all doors and windows locked while home or away. The greater south/southwestern suburbs experience what are commonly referred to as, "Ruse Burglaries". Offenders usually target senior citizens and distract their victims to another part of their residence while a second offender enters to commit a burglary. If any unknown individual knocks on your door, do not let them inside and please contact the Sheriff's Office immediately by dialing 911.

Burglary to Motor Vehicles

The Will County Sheriff's Office encourages residents to remove valuables from their vehicles and to lock all vehicle doors when not in use at home and overnight. This is one of the most common crimes the Sheriff's Office takes reports on but it is also the 1 crime that can easily be prevented by simply locking doors and removing valuables. Report any suspicious activities in a timely fashion. Be vigilant and watch over your residence as well as your neighbors.