Annual Business License

License forms can be found here: License Forms (PDF)

On November 26, 2019 the Village of Homer Glen Board of Trustees passed Ordinance No. 19-052 requiring that all businesses operating within the corporate boundaries of Homer Glen apply for an annual business license with the Village. New businesses are required to register within 30 days after they begin conducting business in Homer Glen.

If you do not receive a renewal license application form by mail, you are still required to apply.

License Requirements

Please be sure that your business complies with all zoning, sign, and other permit requirements.

  • Registration period: January 1 to December 31.
  • Annual registration fee: $30
  • Late registration fee: $30
  • Penalty for noncompliance: $75 per day (up to a maximum of $750)

Commercial Businesses

Unless directed otherwise, commercial businesses (not home businesses) will be included in the Directory of Businesses on the Village of Homer Glen website. Home businesses must submit the Web Authorization Form to be included in our online directory. There is no additional charge for this listing. The Village does not accept electronic payment.


Not-for-profit entities and governmental bodies are not required to apply for a license, but the Fire Districts and Sheriff’s Police have requested that the Village provide them with after-hours contact information in case of an emergency. For that purpose, please consider applying. No application fee is required.


If the business is open to the public, a valid Business Registration Certificate must be conspicuously posted in your place of business.


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