Political Signs

The following regulations apply to political signs. Additional information regarding signs can be found in the Village Code under Chapter 220-1005 Signs.

220-1005. C.

(3) No sign or sign structure, unless exempted, shall be attached to a tree, telephone pole or other utility pole or structure.

(4) No sign shall be erected or located in a public right-of-way except as established and authorized by the public entity having jurisdiction over the right-of-way.

(13) On corner lots, no signs shall be constructed so as to block or otherwise prevent visibility around the corner.


Temporary signs. The following temporary signs are permitted in all districts, subject to requirements hereinafter specified. Signs exceeding the requirements of this section shall be required to have permits and shall conform to the requirements for permanent signs in the zoning district where they are located.

[Amended 9-11-2012 by Ord. No. 12-047] (1) Temporary political signs.

(a) Temporary political signs may be located in any zoning district, provided that they are erected not more than 30 days   before an upcoming election and must be removed within five days following an election. (Removed per IL. Public Act 096-0904) (b) The total copy area for all political signs on a zoning lot shall not exceed 16 square feet of total copy area per zoning lot. No such sign shall exceed four feet in height above grade.
(c) No sign permit is required.