Sports Organization Field/Facility Usage

The Village of Homer Glen is accepting requests from sports organizations to use fields, facilities and amenities owned and maintained by the Village. To get started in the process of using Village property for your sports organization, please complete the following steps.

Complete Sports Contract Application (PDF)

  1. CLICK HERE to go to the online Village Usage Agreement form. Please carefully read all rules and regulations listed. Fill out all required fields and submit. You can also send a copy of the form to your email upon submission.
    1. Village Usage Agreement (PDF)
  2. Download the Sports Group Required Info Checklist to assist in ensuring you provide all necessary information for your organization's facility usage.
    1. Sports Group Required Info Checklist (PDF)
  3. Optional Amenities and Special Requests: Download and complete the following supplemental forms if you require any of the following extra amenities for your organization's usage of Village property:
    1. Food: Temporary Event Food Application (PDF) / Temporary Event Food Brochure (PDF)
    2. Site Improvement: Amenity-Improvement Work Request (PDF)
    3. Field Mowing: Sports Field Preferred Mowing Day Request Form (PDF)
  4. A Village of Homer Glen employee will contact you shortly to follow up on your request and schedule an appointment for procuring the additional information and forms needed in the checklist.