What are all the charges on the water bill?
The Water and Sewer Bill contains 6 distinct and identified charges. These are:

Basic Service Charge - Basic rates charged by Illinois American and approved by the ICC vary by the size of the water meter installed. Smaller meters result in lower overall charges for the same level of usage. The size of the initial meter installed in a new home or building is based upon a formula in the plumbing code.

Use Charge - Based upon the amount of water used during the billing period. Purpose is to cover cost of providing water, maintaining mains and pumping stations at the local distribution site.

Supply Charge - Cost to purchase water from American Lake Water Company. These costs also incorporate expenses associated with the construction and maintenance of the pipeline.

Sewer Charge - A volumetric charge (based on winter month water usage) for management of residential sewage and wastewater.

Fire Protection Fee - Provides for the availability of water in the event of need.

State Recovery Tax - State of Illinois Utility Tax.

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