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Ability Awareness Committee

  1. Pop Tab Challenge - Disney Vacation Nomination Form

    Nominate a family with a special needs family member for a trip to Disney World (valued at $5,200). Families may nominate themselves.... More…

HomerFest Volunteer Form

  1. HomerFest Volunteer Application

    Volunteer Application for HomerFest

Parks and Recreation

  1. Chalk-It-Up! 2021

    Chalk-It-Up participant registration form.

Trunk Or Treat - Car Registration

  1. Trunk Or Treat - Car Registration

    Register your car to participate in the Trunk or Treat Event

Village Hall Forms

  1. Rumor Mill Submissions

    Submit questions you have about the Village, or share a rumor that you have heard about our operations. Staff will answer and post it... More…

Volunteer Application

  1. Volunteer Application

    Volunteer Application